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As you may know I’ve been experiencing an increase in visitor traffic at my book review site due to my recent posts about an HBO TV show. That show’s season’s finale aired last week with a cliffhanger that has fans of the series buzzing.

After writing a review of the last episode, which helped send over 5,000 unique visitors to the site in less than 24 hours and put me on page 1 in the serps about said cliffhanger, I suddenly remembered something that Griz (a Make Money Online master) said in one of his posts. He said:

” . . . . you shouldn’t just settle for 1 of the top 10 positions on the page 1 listings. This is really the key to how I make money with affiliate products and generating leads – I usually occupy several spots on the page 1 serp listings. This dramatically increases your traffic and an increase in traffic means an increase in sales.”

I then reread his November 10th post titled “How to Make Money” in which he talks about post titles and their effect on search traffic.

Here’s how someone like me (a part time blogger) put both of those teachings into practice.

Four days ago I occupied the #3 spot in the serps for inquiries about the HBO cliffhanger. Based on Griz’s aforementioned posts I took the following action before leaving town for the Thanksgiving holiday:

  1. I checked my site’s stats and identified the keyword phrase (about the cliffhanger) that sent the most people to my site.
  2. Using that exact keyword phrase as the title, I wrote a second article about the cliffhanger. I ended the article by posing a question which asked fans what they thought about the cliffhanger.
  3. I went back to the first post about the season finale and added a link to my second post, using the post’s title as the anchor text.
  4. I then searched Yahoo! Answers and looked for unanswered questions about the cliffhanger. I found 2 questions which fit the bill. I posted an answer to each question and included a link back to my second article. Folks, you gotta check out Yahoo! Answers. No, it won’t let you include anchored text and Yes, the links are nofollow, but Yahoo has so much authority that questions posted at the site (and by extension, answers) sometimes rank fairly high in the serps.
  5. Lastly, I added an affiliate link to the 2nd article.

I just got back into town and good Googly Oogly! Here’s what appears on page 1 of the serps when you type in that keyword phrase:

#1: My site. In particular, a link to the second article I wrote which uses the popular keyword phrase as the title.
#2: My site, linking to the first article I wrote about the cliffhanger.
#3: The first question I answered about the cliffhanger at Yahoo! Answers. Remember, it includes a link back to my site. See what I mean about Yahoo authority?
#4: The second question I answered at Yahoo! Answers. My answer was selected “Best Answer” and therefore shows up directly beneath the question . . . with a link back to my site.
#5: A page at
#6: A PR6 site that includes an excerpt from my second article. And a link back to my site.
#7: YouTube
#8: A Sun-Times article about the season finale (PR6 site)
#9: An Entertainment Weekly article about the season finale (PR8 site)
#10: A article about the season finale (PR8 site)

As you can see, 5 of the 10 listings on page 1 either directly link to my site or take you to a page with a link to my site.

So what does this mean?

It means that I’m seeing a steady flow of traffic to the site from people looking for information on the cliffhanger. More traffic translates into more people at the site reading my 2nd article about the cliffhanger. The one with the affiliate link. And yes, to close the loop and tie this back to Griz’s quote, since I wrote the 2nd article I’ve sold a little over $1,500 in affiliate products. Although I only get a small percentage of those sales (avg. 6%) it’s the most I’ve ever made since I began blogging a little over a year ago. My point in writing this article is to tell you that if you’re interested in building a blog that makes money, Griz’s site provides the blueprints. He’s a combination general contractor, architect, and engineer in the MMO niche and he uses a design-build approach that everyone can follow.

This year both presidential candidates ran on platforms based on “change.” If you want more than the empty rhetoric the so-called A-list bloggers stump about and really want to know how to make money online you need to check out Griz’s site. His teachings will put you on a true road to recovery. If he was running for office his platform would be “It’s The Links Dummy.”

My name is Chanya and I approve this message.

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Comment by Emma
2008-11-30 13:32:13

Wow, Chanya that is so impressive. Congratulations. I did notice your book review site was doing really well. Thanks for sharing. Great article.

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Comment by Chanya
2008-12-01 18:47:11

Thanks Emma! I love it when you can link results back to specific actions.

Comment by Winogrona
2009-07-03 18:08:48

Hi Chanya,
Thanks for the tips! Few position in SERP… impressive…
Will try to use it in my website.

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